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December 6, 2011
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Twilight by Iomma Twilight by Iomma
Alternate Title: Someone really needs a tablet.
Download for full view [it's huge]

It all started with a simple search, born of curiosity, that led to a self discovery of a new interest. A tale, that starts with an almost fairy tale story of envy, banishment, a battle between good and evil from ancient times, an origin tale. The tale ends, and we see our hero, the ever adorkable bookworm Twilight Sparkle [and I love the word adorkable, cause geeky + cute = win].

I wasn't forced into the fandom, I came willingly. It started, I think, with :iconibolrock: linking me to a Pony video on Youtube [Pony Craft 2], and sometime latter, I was shown the Ponies: The Anthology. It was after while I got curious, and sought out the show on my own. After the first two episodes, I was in love with it all. The characters were deep, the background vivid and full of life, the stories rich with morals, and the animation was smooth as silk. All memories of the horrors that I was expecting, from expectations built upon older generations of MLP, faded [the older gens are still terrible].

I didn't jump in without taking someone with me, of course, something good is something to be shared, so, I convinced :icontenyosciurus: to watch it, and alias! Another brony was born. Tenyo went on to share the love with others, so, I kinda felt like I had something to do with it ^^

While most would tend to latch onto a particular background pony, I decided instead, to, well, portray the beginning of the entire series. A 'brony's' first steps into letting go of what they knew of judgmental opinions, and witnessed something that could make them laugh and enjoy themselves.

Submitting this to Equestria Daily's 'December Draw Off', and will definitely be making more, hopefully of better quality each and every time, maybe more with more impact and meaning, cause, above all things, I really need a tablet. So *Hooves crossed*.

The above is....12? 14 hours of work? I don't remember when I started. Every little detail was hand drawn via mouse in Gimp, minus the checkerboard pattern on the building in the background, that was a filter. :3

For my usual visitors, lemme know how I did! For new visitors, also let me know how I did, I'm kinda curious, been playing around with, well, my favorite smudgy brush, and I paint in Gimp in a style that would make Bob Ross proud. And, holy mother of Celestia backgrounds!

MLP:FiM and Twilight Sparkle are (C) Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:

NINJAEDIT: Also, the fanbase is the coolest I have ever encountered. None of us are as nice as all of us!

Also, I used to hate, but then I took a pony to the everywhere. [Had to be said]
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lpsangel01 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Student Artist
I saw a slender man on the book :O
PickyMcCritical Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012
The spot of her head showing above her ear (due to swirling hair?) looks a bit odd, and her flank looks a bit circular. Other than that, I can't see a reason not to favorite this. I REALLY like the way you shaped the head, and your style is interesting. It's like you're taking the show's graphics and adding more detail.
Iomma Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The picture itself was plenty of layers, so some color blending created slight mistakes. Also when painting this, I was still getting a feel for the anatomy of a pony, but practice is perfection ^^

Thanks for the critique! Sometimes I overlook the little things, and knowing where I did wrong is to know where to do better in the future! :D
PickyMcCritical Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012
I love that you take criticism well. Just dicking around in Photoshop recently has given me an idea of how much effort you must put into these (I'll probably never fully know). Looking at it another 4 times today (if that tells you anything), I noticed the top of her front-left leg looks a bit too round (unless you wanted to give her biceps :P).

I don't know if I'm telling you something you already knew, but I can't help myself. You're too talented AND accepting for me to hold back xD
Iomma Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
More people like you need to exist! :D

Yeah, the motions I used for the body were mostly circular, was still getting the hang of digital painting with a mouse then. The muzzle was also commented on being a bit to 'big', few people said they liked the look, others are more close to the show in style, I'm trying to find that safe 'middle ground' when it comes to style. I'd love to match the quality of the show, but it's having that personal touch of one's own style that gives some fanart it's grace! Course, I am working on keeping the proportions less wonky in the future! ^^
PickyMcCritical Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
Well you do what you want, but the way you shaped the head is my favorite part of this picture :)
TenyoSciurus Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice work, and a clear demonstration of improvement in your skills. ^_^ I love the "back to the beginning" theme to it all. It's actually oddly touching to think that right here, this scene, his how the whole series began. TWILIGHT! God, I love Twilight.
eyeoftomorrow Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011  Professional Photographer
what's with the ponies!

how've you been man?
Iomma Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ponies cause I'm a Brony [link]

My DA will be updated with more...graphic content in January, as one of the pieces I'm working on supports NIPPLES AND GORE FOR EVERYONE!

And I've been FANTASTIC and improving! ^^
iron-ghos Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011   Traditional Artist
twilight rules
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