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Painting Cracks in a Wall Reduex by Iomma
Painting Cracks in a Wall Reduex
I dunno, I like it. Suits the original intent of the older image, and used Woosh since I'm lazy. Lazy is best.

Fuck it, I'm allowed to rehash my artwork together.
An Elf and her Elemental: wip update 2 by Iomma
An Elf and her Elemental: wip update 2
Tired. That's another 4 hours right there, and I'm STILL not done.

Closer tho.
WIP: An Elf and her Elemental by Iomma
WIP: An Elf and her Elemental
Yeah, so far, total time has been like 11.75 hours, including smoke breaks. Not the fastest, sure, but I'm learnin' some things. Total time breakdown was:
Like, 4 calibrating my tablet,
3 to do the gesture sketches,
1.5 to do the color block-out,
and 3.25 to do the detail I have now, most of which went into her face. The Earth elemental is pretty sloppy, but I'm starting to dig it.

Environment will be snow, hence the light snowy dust atop the walking boulder there. Still need to detail her clothing, add some 'floor', then ambient lighting this sumbitch.

Mirini by Iomma
Mirini Valinstred, a sociopath Qlippoth-spawn Tiefling Warpriest of Azathoth.

The fact that good ole Google doesn't know what all but three of those words are, means many others won't. In short, she's an aberrant fiendish-blooded warrior-cleric of an elder evil. The star-thing on her forearm is a birthmark. In rags since the party starts off Elder Scrolls style, in prison. Game hasn't started yet, but oh damn, am I looking forward to it. In prison for murder.

"Human" + Cephalopod [her 'wings'] + Worm [hair + tail] + Fungus [skin color and texture] + Insect [legs].

Tried cleaning up the background, since my camera suuuuuuuccckssss, so oh well.
Cecilia The Shield by Iomma
Cecilia The Shield
Decided to re-sketch Cecilia, since the last sketch was an over-glorified fukkin doodle of sorts.

This is her without her armor on (and her hair down). The shield has since merged with her arm, it is part of her now. This she is not pleased with, as this cost her a hand. I figured her healing magic would resemble honey, in both color and look. We never really consider what a character's magic looks like much, so I decided to do away with the "holy golden nova light sparkle fun time" default look of most healing magic, and go with honey (since honey in Terraria heals ye).

Unsure on the cheesy text and background, but it helps break it up a bit more than PNG transparency magic. Sorta working on a new style (or trying to find one), so, lemme know how it is!

The "Princess of Overworld Provides" thing is an inside joke within the game. When asked her title upon gaining access to a grand ball, and not wanting to reveal her regular nature, replied with "the Princess of Overworld". Overworld being the surface area of Terraria. As she can feed a small army with Create Food and Drink, she provides and tries [her damnedest] to go out of her way to provide for her party and other met allies. Every basic need minus sleep.

I've been working on this, well, since, uh, yesterday? I haven't slept. Sleep time. Enjoi


Isabelle Adjective Hill
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Projects (some might not be posted): 
Letters from Castleville (animatic)
Iron Root Mage Guild (Maya)
Ranger Pro Fighter: Pteranodon Dash Attack (flash)
Dragon Slaying Campaign: Season 14 'Blood and Thunder' (Pathfinder)

I don't know why I'm posting this here, utter boredom? To make it look like I'm working (most likely)

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(hahahah the picture is outdated and won't work xD .... just pretend pfftttt)
Woah there!
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It seems she has dressed up in the most clashing colors she could find, as well as mess up her hair, just for you!
Because you my dear, are a very special person and no one should ever tell you different.
And that's why she's here. To remind you that you are unique in every single way! From one pony to the next, no one can compare to your beautiful self!
Now go on, fill yourself with cake and enjoy your special day! <333 
Calpain-EqD Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Happy early bday! Hope you are doing well and that the tablet is still working.:)
Iomma Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, and it finds plenty of use in making games. Well, more for making assets for games, but I wouldn't be quite where I am without it (that and TWO monitors, Model and Texture at the SAME TIME *fist-pump*). Thank you, again, for the tablet :D. I haven't drawn for the sake of drawing in a while, other work has my hands tied, but I might start up again should I find the time. A lot of my work is still done traditionally, but that's mostly just sketches, and all scanners nowadays come with printers. I don't need a printer, and sketchpads can go places, heh.

I do have a few projects in mind, for when I find time :)
GameMakingOtaku Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
I stopped caring about B-days too... well a few years ago that is.
Any way I was going to ask if you were dead, so no more need to ask. :)

Timing may be off, but I hope my shitty ass luck didn't rub off on you some how. I say that because I had been looking for a job for many years, and only a week or so ago got a job...
Hope the cosmos isn't playing a big game of "fuck you" with the two of us and you get back on your feet soon... and I stay on mine too of course.
xxFluffyWolfxx Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
happy B-Day :cake:
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Thanks for the :+fav:
Iomma Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No prob ^^
GameMakingOtaku Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
Mind doing cover art for a fan fic I'm working on?
Iomma Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Possibly, depends. Shoot me a note with details, I'll give ya an estimate on time.
Shadow-Guardian0 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Would you like to join a new fantasy group and help it grow? :iconfull-moon-trilogy:If not any feature is greatly appreciated!
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